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How to Use the Display Network for Remarketing

Sep 7, 2020 10:00:00 AM

When using the display network, there are many opportunities for businesses to get their message out in front of specific audiences. One way we utilize audience targeting for AdMachines clients is to run remarketing ads. A remarketing ad will get you in front of customers who previously interacted with your brand while they browse the web on over 2 million sites. 


How Does Remarketing Work?

It’s actually a pretty simple solution with a big impact. In order to run remarketing ads, you need to place a remarketing tag, also known as a pixel, into the footer of your website. The tag will capture the user's cookie data the moment they hit the pages where the pixel is installed. This cookie data is added to a list which Google can then target later with ads that remind the user to go back and interact with your brand again.

As seen in the example above, these ads need to be developed in different sizes in order to accommodate the available space on any given site. There are 11 different standard image sizes you'll need to develop in order to serve remarketing ads on most sites. 

What can You use remarketing for?

This is where remarketing can be a powerful tool. Your remarketing ad can feature any offer you want, which makes it great for a variety of goals:

  • Recapturing customers who didn't complete a purchase with you
  • Cross-selling products and services
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Encouraging newsletter sign ups
  • And more

Just remember not to crowd the ad with too much text or else it can be difficult to read. The Call-to-Action should be bold and simple for a user to follow. You want this person to navigate to a landing page where they can move forward with your business, so making the ad appealing and easy to follow will go a long way in turning that visitor into a customer. 

To learn more about how remarketing campaigns can support your Google Pay-Per-Click efforts, schedule a meeting with AdMachines today. 


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