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The Appeal Of Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Aug 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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When it comes to pay-per-click, there’s one clear giant in the advertising space: Google. With their Google Ads platform, they’ve gained a huge market share of advertisers looking to get in front of customers online. But what makes Google’s pay-per-click platform the preferred advertising channel? Let’s dig into the wide appeal of Google both for users and for advertisers. 

For Users

When you go online to search for something, whether it’s a new pair of boots or to find the best pizza shop near you, there’s a good chance you’re pulling up Google to begin your search. Customers flock to Google to solve their problems because they trust it to produce relevant information quickly and efficiently. In fact, about 70,000 searches are performed every second on Google (Hubspot). Within seconds of any search, a list of “answers" is given and the customer can then decide which option works best for them based on the results. They will see both paid ads and organic results in the search engine results page (SERP). 

In the example of purchasing new boots, seeing an ad for 10% off or a brand they trust for good quality footwear can swing users to click on a certain result. Customers rely on Google because it uses a sophisticated algorithm to produce many results related to their search in less than one second. The speed and simplicity of Google, along with its massive knowledge base, make it the ideal search engine for users. 

For Advertisers

For advertisers, Google is a great way to get in front of millions of potential customers every day. As of April 2020, Google has an 86% hold on the global search market. Compare that to the next biggest competitor, Microsoft, which has just 6.25% (Statista). With that many possible searches every day, it’s not hard to see why advertisers choose to market their products and services on Google. And with Google’s tracking capabilities, such as Google Analytics and Remarketing tags, it allows advertisers to gain critical insight into the buying habits of these users. With this information, advertisers can make ads that are better tailored to searchers and provide more relevant offerings. 

Statista Screenshot of Google search market share

Along with its massive reach, Google also has an ads platform that has evolved over time to be more transparent about performance. This allows advertisers to make better decisions regarding campaign management and optimization. Google provides all the information they need to see what keywords are bringing in high-quality leads, what’s bleeding their budget, and where they can expand when the time is right for their business. Google Ads is constantly developing new ways for advertisers to better target their ideal audience and produce high-quality paid content. The primary ad format of paid search is the text ad which appears in the search results, but there are also video ads and display ads, too. No matter how your business wants to interact with Google search users, there's an ad format for you.

With traditional search ads, there are more options than ever before to control campaign outcomes when using Google Ads. Along with keyword insight and bidding metrics, there are tangible changes to the text ads themselves that make them more enticing to potential customers. 

These updated ad functions include:

  • Ads that look more like organic results
  • Expanded text ad formats
  • More precise location targeting
  • In-depth audience targeting 
  • Keyword level conversion tracking
  • Extensions including reviews, prices, services and more

With access to millions of users and a platform built with advertisers in mind, it's no wonder why Google Ads continues to dominate the advertising market. If you’ve been on the fence about starting a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign, or you’ve had inconsistent results in the past, request a meeting with AdMachines today. We can get you more without spending more on advertising. 


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