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What Makes A Great Google Ad

Sep 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM

When you use Google, you're going to be exposed to ads within the search result. These ads will all have common elements like headlines and description lines, but what separates a great ad from those that are just run-of-the-mill? If you want Google to be your best performing advertising channel, you not only need the budget to support campaigns, you also need to invest in writing solid ad copy. If your ad doesn't entice a user to click, then bidding on top page position won't help you. A well written ad will always outperform one that sits at the top of the page but is poorly constructed. AdMachines has developed a formula for writing an ad that will hit all of the key points consumers look for when they come to Google. Because in the end, Google is a solution machine and you want your services to solve a customer's issue. There are 10 pieces to our ad copy formula, but today we're going to highlight the 5 most important elements to include in your ad.

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top 5 elements of a great google ad


How fast can you solve someone's problem? This is the biggest motivator when someone has a pain point and needs a solution. If their water heater breaks or their furnace stops working on a winter day, offering same day appointments in your ad headline will get their business. We live in a world where the mobile experience has conditioned buyers to expect immediate resolutions to their problems. If you can't book same day repair appointments or next day installations on new systems, then you won't win the buyers who are in need. And someone in need is willing to pay a premium for service. Delivering a quality product with speed is a driving force for advertising shorter sales cycle services and products. 


People want to buy from vendors who they can trust. But how do you let customers know your business can be trusted to do the service they need? There are a few facts you can put into your ad copy to show people your company is one they can rely on. 

  • Put the number of 5-star reviews in the ads, letting them know other local homeowners have been satisfied in the past.
  • Let people know how long you've been in business, promoting your longevity and showing that they can count on you for years to come.
  • Estimate how many jobs you've completed for satisfied customers, for example "Over 5,000 happy homeowners served". A business with a lot of volume and satisfied customers is someone they'll want to hire.

If you can get trust factors into your ad copy, local customers are more likely to do business with you. Consumers want someone reputable and, by using information that's readily available to you, you can convey this information to potential customers. 

Local Factor

Customers want to buy from people they know and trust who work in their community. A big-box store is impersonal and customers feel like they don't know who is coming to their home. If you can position yourself as the local contractor they can trust, it goes a long way. It's easy to be subtle about including your local factor, too. 

  • Using a local phone number in your call extension.
  • Including the name of the city in your ad copy.
  • Referencing the number of reviews your business has in the city.
  • Including how many jobs you've done in the area.

These are all ways to highlight your local factor while also adding aspects of trust. Not every element of the ad copy formula needs to be a separate statement- they can often overlap.


A call-to-action is a one line, short phrase that tells the user what to do next. It should always be in your headlines so even if they don't read the entire ad, they know how to contact your business.  If you want someone to call your office, use a call-to-action like "Call Now For Same Day Service". If you're promoting form fills, tell people to "Book Online Today". You call-to-action answers the question "What should I do next?" for your potential customers. 

Direct Offer

The direct offer is how you get someone to take action. You can be local, trustworthy and able to solve an issue, but sometimes what pushes someone over the edge are direct savings. The most obvious example is a monetary value offered. This can relate to money off services or a competitive flat-rate price for a certain product or service. Often, the direct offer can be combined with the call-to-action for example, "Call Now To Save $100". 

admachines hand-crafted lead generation

At AdMachines, we take the time to hand-craft ads using our proven ad copy formula. We don't make you spend more to see better results- we put you into a system that works and focus on the areas where we see success. Schedule a meeting today to learn more and discover AdMachines. 


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