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How Google Posts Can Help Elevate Your Business To The Next Level

Jun 5, 2019 1:15:44 AM


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Google has recently launched a new free service for verified Google My Business accounts called Google posts. This new feature allows businesses to display their own custom content, images, and a customizable call to action alongside a company’s Google My Business listing for up to seven days at a time. Google posts can be used to promote specific interesting items, whether it be an event, announcement, service offering, or a new content piece like a blog! Google posts are a low investment, low effort and stress-free way to draw traffic to a company’s website and increase their local SEO value.

How to Use Google Posts:

Creating Google Posts is a super easy way to help your Local SEO value and if you follow these simple steps you can be a Google post expert in no time!

  1. Figure out the goal for your post- Before creating your post it’s important to decide what you want the goal for your post to be. Depending on what the goal is the content of your post should reflect this. Google Posts allow up to 300 words as well as a selection of various call to action buttons so be sure to get creative!
  2. Log in and get started with your Google post-  When you log into your Google My Business account be sure to click “posts” in the left-hand column and a box area should show up that looks like the one below (insert image).
  3. Upload an interesting image- The next thing you want to do is find an image that will generate interest in your post. This will be the thing that generates the clicks on a Google search so make sure it is eye popping and attention grabbing. Be sure to use photos that are formatted correctly as well, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your post. The image should be in a JPG or PNG format with a minimum size of 720px wide by 540px tall.
  4. Write a compelling post- Here is where you can really knock it out of the park. Google gives you 100-300 words to write a post so use your words wisely and write a post that is not only interesting but helps achieve whatever goal you set for your post when you undertook this endeavor. When writing the post, you can also use this opportunity to make your post an event (if applicable) and you can name your event as well as set reminders with the date and time.
  5. Choose a call to action- The final set in creating your post is to create your call to action. To do this, click “add a button”, insert the link for wherever you want this button to go; whether it be a website, online coupon, video is completely up to you but remember it should be reflective of the goal of this post. When writing your call to action be sure to write something that accurately describes the action you want customers to take next. For example, if the goal of your post is to get customers to read a blog post then make sure your call to action says something like “read our blog”. Don’t beat around the bush with the call to action.
    Publish- The final step is to publish your post. You can click “preview post” before you publish to make sure everything looks good before you put it up and when you’re ready hit that publish button and get your post out there to start achieving its goal!

How to Track Your Post:

Google My Business has a feature called Google insights that allows you to track the number of searches your business shows up for along with other pieces of information. Just like with insights for your Google My Business page your Google Post comes with its own set of insights which can use to see how many impressions your post generated and the number of clicks it received.

Remember after seeing the data if you feel like your post can be performing better you can always go back and edit it to change the content, picture, or call to action to help your post better achieve the goal you identified when you created it!

The Final Word

Google posts are an exciting new way to help customers engage with your business. When it comes down to it, these posts should reflect the heart and soul of what you do day in and day out. With the right combination of photos, content, and a decisive call to action these Google Posts can be an effective tool at helping customers connect with your business and stay with your business for a long time to come.


Written by Admachines


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