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Introducing MachineSites -The Brand New Web Platform Developed By AdMachines

Jun 5, 2019 1:08:59 AM

Do you want to make your marketing dollars work hard? Do you want your business to capture more opportunities? What if you could have the world's best salesperson working for you around the clock - 24 hours a day? MachineSites by AdMachines makes this dream a reality for you.

What is MachineSites?

MachineSites is the web platform that turns more traffic into leads. So, you’ll experience reduced lead costs and improved conversion rates. Like your best performing salesperson, the MachineSites platform gives prospective customers everything they need to make a buying decision.

With over 50 years in the Home Service Industry, Will’s All Pro has done their fair share of online marketing. This Texas-based plumbing and HVAC company knows what works and what doesn’t. Using that knowledge, they came to Admachines and took full advantage of our MachineSites platform.

We live in a fast-paced world-people bring their phones with them everywhere they go. That’s why MachineSites is fully optimized for mobile. MachineSites plugs directly into Google, allowing efficient click-to-call speed through Google Amp. This gives viewers a hassle-free experience on mobile.

Will's All Pro and Machinesites

How Does it Work?

MachineSites is super powerful. It’s clean, modern, and fast. It was built using a modular system - kind of like Legos - with interchangeable panels. Each one has a strategic purpose and placement as it relates to converting website traffic to leads. The order of these panels has been completely customized to send exactly the type of message that Will’s All Pro is trying to convey to their customers. The complete mobile responsive design allows MachineSites to be highly successful on any platform.

Starting in 2018, Google set its sights on mobile interaction. This means that a site’s SEO value and organic listings are based on the mobile site. In the past, the focus was on desktop platforms. A site’s ranking is now based on speed, how user-friendly it is, and optimization for voice search – making mobile the top priority.

More people use smartphones, tablets, and other devices to perform search than ever before. As a company – more than 81% of Will’s leads that MachineSites generated came in by way of a mobile device. It’s more important now than ever to be positioned to capture buyers who are on the go.


Mobile View of Will's All Pro

Communication that Converts

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. The average person who lands on your site will attempt to make a decision in about 8 seconds. That’s why it's important that your message clearly defines who you are, what you’re offering and instructs the buyer on what to do next. MachineSites is strategically designed to follow these marketing principles. Your prospective buyer will be able to visually and quickly gain trust, see your direct offer, and take action.

Take a look at the Will’s All Pro site. Buy using Will’s assets, MachineSites can develop a site around the business that he has created. With MachineSites, trust begins at first glance. Provided links to alternate social platforms immediately enhance a company’s stability and reputation. If they weren’t trusted or highly recommended, why would they provide access to social media outlets where customers freely leave reviews? You'll also notice that the phone number provided throughout MachineSites are carefully selected to correlate with the prospective buyer’s location.

How We’ve Increased Will’s Traffic and Conversion Rate

MachineSites is designed to generate more profitable leads, increase traffic, and drive conversion rate. The panels of Will's MachineSite have been completely customized to drive conversion. Check out the multiple ways below in which Will's All Pro's Machinsite drives their conversion.

Multiple Calls to Action

By having many calls to action on the page, Will’s has the potential to convert website users on every single panel of their Machinesite. Using colors, sizing, and placement, MachineSites are designed to drive conversions using these calls to action. One of the new exciting call to action features in MachineSites is the fixed call to action button. This button, pictured here (show a picture of it?) scrolls with customers wherever they are on the site, ensuring that there is always an easy way for customers to request service with Will’s.

On mobile, which is the primary form of user engagement with MachineSites, this call to action button turns into a fixed “click to call button” that scrolls with users no matter where they navigate to on the site. When clicked, this button is linked directly to Will’s phone number and automatically calls the office. With the fixed click to call mobile button, customers always have the ability to call Will’s All Pro right at their fingertips.

Call to Action Will's All Pro

Highlight the Services

Will’s can easily show their skills and specialties so all calls are relevant to services that are offered.

Featured Services WIll's All Pro

Easy to Find Service Area

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a company blindly to ask if they service your area. Will’s has a clearly outlined service area so prospective customers will know if their home or business is covered. Having each town or city spelled out so that Google can pick it up.

Service Area Will's All Pro

Trust Icons

Some say that a first impression is the most important part of a relationship. That is why it is important to build trust with customers as soon as possible. Will’s does this by having a trust slider and the “trust triple” be the first few things customers see when they're on the Machinsite. Will’s All Pro has worked hard to build up their reputation as a top-notch business, and one of the premier home service providers in the area, their trust sections are designed to illustrate exactly what the business is doing to set them apart from the rest.

Trust Icons

Video Section

There is a diverse market of buyers out there, and Will’s site uses different approaches to cater to each buyer persona. Between text, videos, and graphics, Will’s Machinesite can convert buyers of all kinds. This section solidifies Will’s All Pro as a company and customer relations by displaying the personality of their brand.

Will's All Pro Video Section

Form Capture

With MachineSites, Will’s All Pro never misses out on a lead. With form capture, customers always have the ability to fill out request forms regardless of where they happen to be on the site at any given time. These forms encapsulate all of the information Will’s will need to schedule service with customers. When a customer does complete a form it gets sent right to the Will’s office where the staff get notified of the request immediately and can take the next steps to schedule service and solve that customer’s problem. By using MachineSites, Will’s All Pro ensures that every customer’s request will be captured and sent directly to the office so Will’s capitalizes on every opportunity to capture a lead.

Wills Contact Form

Click DNA

This is technology embedded into the website. Each click is a little piece of genetic makeup based on the decisions they make on the site. Because we monitor each click that is made and we realize trends that we can put to work to implement smarter strategies and get a better result. As time goes on, we can use these trends to save you money. Ultimately, it helps us decide which ads are winners and which are losers to emphasize on your strong points.

You’ve worked hard to bring your business to this point. Let us help you bring your brand to vision using machine sites. Isn’t it time the website looks as good as you always imagined that it could? MachineSites-the last website you'll ever need.


Written by Admachines


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