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Meet The AdMachines Team.

Our attentive account managers and production team are here to achieve your marketing goals.



Our Team

Our marketing team supports our leadership by contributing their own unique set of skills to each client's success. 


Jeff C.

Sales & PPC Marketing Specialist

Jeff is at the helm of our sales team. He’s been working in the pay-per-click space for almost a decade. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to our clients, helping them assess their current marketing plan and how AdMachines can help them get an edge over their competitors.

When he’s not researching markets and preparing reports for clients, Jeff can be found golfing and spending time with his family.


Sean Y.

Sales & PPC Marketing Specialist

Sean has over twenty years of experience in sales and over ten years helping businesses improve both their ad performance and lead generation. Sean's keen attention to detail helps him identify new marketing and growth opportunities for business owners around the country.

When he’s not researching markets and preparing reports for clients, Sean can be found Playing guitar or camping and fishing for striped bass.


Kevin L.

Onboarding Manager & Lead Designer

Kevin is our all-around technology mastermind and jack of all trades. He builds all of our websites, using his years of graphic design experience to ensure each detail is pixel perfect.

When he’s not developing landing pages or assisting new clients through the onboarding process here at AdMachines, you can find Kevin hiking with his family or making outstanding art at home with his 3D printer.


Brad W.

Account Management Team Lead

Brad is the leader of the account management team here at AdMachines. As a certified Google Ads specialist, Brad is always drafting up new strategies to help clients exceed their marketing goals and take their sales forecasts to the next level by optimizing their return on investment.

And as a Maine native, Brad enjoys fishing & camping during the warmer months and skiing the mountains of New England during the winter.


Annemarie P.

Account Manager

Anne-Marie keeps our production queue on-schedule and organized. As a visual communications specialist, she understands the importance of an effective and streamlined user experience when creating digital and social media assets.

After work, you can find Anne-Marie trying out new restaurants in her area, working on freelance designs and watching true crime documentaries. Her dog, Ellie, will never be more than arms length away!


Andrew A.

Account Manager

Andrew is one of our full-service account managers and an all around digital marketing specialist. Hospitality is at the core of everything he does, focusing on integrating the different digital marketing channels available in order to fully connect clients with their local audience.

During his free time, he streams on Twitch, bartends and enjoys live music. Andrew also recently welcomed the birth of his first son in August 2021.


Ashley T.

Account Manager

A New Hampshire transplant originally from Dallas, Ashley is a a recent college graduate from UNH with a degree in marketing management who is always pushing the boundaries on effective advertising. Always laughing, Ashley's background as a personal trainer has set her up for success in helping clients set and surpass their goals.
In her free time, Ashley enjoys finding the best spots around town to get coffee, looking for the newest trails to hike with her two dogs.


Jenna C.

Account Manager

Jenna comes to AdMachines with a degree in Communication from Endicott College and several years of experience in both marketing and education under her belt. Fluent in American Sign Language, Jenna is a dynamic communicator who takes pride in helping her clients think outside the box with their digital marketing strategies.
In her free time, Jenna can be found reading, caring for her many pets, thrift shopping and finding new crafts to try.


Brianna M. 

Production Specialist

Brianna's background in digital media, photography and videography allows her to guide clients through the onboarding process with ease. Her excitable personality and natural creativity come to life when collaborating with business owners to deliver unique, cutting-edge digital assets.

An avid dog lover and former dance teacher, Brianna also enjoys photography and shopping and is always ready for an adventure with friends. 


Connor O.

Inhouse Writer & SEO Specialist

Connor is our resident writer and full-time SEO wizard. He spends his days putting together creative blog posts, social media and website copy to help improve clients' online visibility. He uses his years of writing and editing experience to develop content that’s engaging and exciting, creating a sales funnel to keep clients' phones ringing with incoming new leads.

When he isn’t hard at work creating digital content, Connor enjoys camping, making homemade hot sauces and paintballing.



Canine Resources Director

As Canine Resources Director, Ellie's daily responsibilities include napping, barking at the mailman and making sure all visitors receive an enthusiastic welcoming at the door. She also has been voted "most likely to steal your lunch" by the rest of the AdMachines team.

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Meet The Founder

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Steve Teneriello

CEO & Founder

Steve has been managing pay-per-click accounts for almost 20 years. He’s helped hundreds of clients across the United States and Canada optimize their lead generation program and get more from their advertising. When he’s not coming up with a new marketing concept or directing client accounts, Steve can be seen fishing or spending time with his wife, Allison, and his two young children.