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101 Ways to Step Up Your Lead Generation Game 

Increase Lead Volume -  Enhance Lead Quality - Control Costs - Improve Your Return on Ad Spend


Improve Your Google Advertising Performance

Discover 101 Strategies to improve lead quality, optimize search engine marketing campaign performance, and increase your return on ad spend...

You'll see firsthand how you can control your lead quality, your cost per lead, and how you ave the power to get a positive return on your ad spend. You'll get a proven plan to help you achieve your sales goals along with experienced coaching that will help you take your pay-per-click game to the next level. 

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Here's What You'll Learn:

bluecjeck How To Easily Identify And Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend

bluecjeck How To Get More High Quality Leads Without Increasing Your Budget

bluecjeck How To Use Google's NEW Targeting Features To Connect With The Right Audience

bluecjeckbluecjeckProven Ways To Improve Response And Lead Generation Conversion Rates

bluecjeck How To Achieve Greater Positioning And Gain More Exposure

bluecjeck How To Ethically Spy On Your Competitors And Identify Weaknesses In Their PPC Strategy

bluecjeck How To Identify Broken Areas In Your Campaigns And Fix Them

bluecjeck Plus FREE Downloads, Tools & Resources Along With Exclusive Videos You Can Access to Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Performance








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About The Author

Meet Pay-Per-Click Expert Steve Teneriello

Steve Teneriello is a local lead generation expert and founder of AdMachines- a Boston based Google Premier Pay-Per-Click Agency that helps local businesses throughout the US and Canada develop, implement, and manage hand-crafted lead generation campaigns.

His original book, The Google AdWords Survival Guide, helped local business owners go from just barely surviving to thriving with their pay-per-click marketing. 

Today, the pay-per-click landscape has changed and with more than 20 years of experience running pay-per-click lead generation campaigns as a Google certified PPC Specialist, Steve helps you navigate your way through the most current form of Google Ads in The Pay-Per-Click Playbook. 

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What People Are Saying

Kyle Lumsden

Kyle Lumsden- President Clearwater Plumbing and Heating

Steve is one of the good guys, in an industry filled with leeches, con artists and thieves. I have never been a client, but we have talked a few times on the telephone. He has always shared and been generous with an incredible amount of actionable items. Steve is not an overnight success. This guy has been kicking ass for a long time. Seriously read the book. The first four chapters will bulletproof you from getting ripped off. 

The book is written in an easy to understand way to DIY the web yourself-- Which is entirely your choice, but a professional is truly the difference between and losing? My plan while reading it was to take notes, and create an action plan. But Steve - made that unnecessary- there is a kick ass checklist in the back, print it and there is your to-do list. 

Buy the book, I am a prime member, so I got it for free. I see its 26 bucks- It's worth an exponential amount more than that small amount. 

Think about how much a day or week of ineffective adwords costs you. In dollar spend and jobs not done or even ran.