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Facebook Lead Forms Generate Huge Return for Dallas HVAC Company

Sep 14, 2020 11:31:34 AM

Americans are spending between 40-60 minutes every day on Facebook connecting with friends and family, browsing groups, and consuming content. It’s a unique opportunity for businesses to get in front of consumers while they’re passively searching for services rather than through search engines like Google and Bing. To understand the scope of market opportunity, there are over 240+ million monthly active users on Facebook in the US and Canada alone as of 2019 (SproutSocial). 

Using Facebook Lead Forms To capture more mobile traffic

This is a great place for local businesses to get in front of consumers where they spend their free time. According to Facebook’s quarterly earnings results, 94% of all advertising revenue comes from mobile advertising so it’s critical to optimize campaigns for mobile users (Facebook). 

In order to capitalize on this mobile majority, AdMachines has recently implemented a mobile-focused Facebook advertising strategy using Facebook Lead Ads. When clicked, the ad pops up a form in the app with the fields already populated with the user’s profile information. All this leaves the customer to do is describe their reason for contacting the business, hit submit, and the process is complete. This type of ad format removes many barriers that make it difficult for consumers to do business with you over a mobile device. 

Comfort Experts Dallas Team

Comfort Experts In Dallas Sees Huge Success With Lead Forms

At AdMachines, we’ve seen huge success with Lead Forms for our home service clients. Over the summer, we launched Facebook Lead Ads for Comfort Experts in Dallas, TX. This market is primed for air conditioning leads since the temperature can easily go above 90 degrees multiple times a week during the summer months. Comfort Experts had two offers they wanted to promote on Facebook. One was for a special pricing on AC Tune-Ups and another for new AC Installations with low weekly payments. These Facebook campaigns supported their Google Ads offers and allowed Comfort Experts to capture additional service traffic at a lower cost. Through June and July 2020, the AC tune-up offer generated 73 leads for $26.39 per lead.  

$49 AC Tune Up Facebook Ad


However, the real focus of the lead forms was to generate more AC Installation leads. The ROI on an installation is much higher than a tune-up and is the real difference maker during the busy AC season. We focused more budget on running the installation lead form ads than the tune-ups in order to capture this traffic. AdMachines was able to generate 149 AC installation leads with a $40.49 lead cost during the same time period as the tune-up offer. Over the course of June and July, Comfort Experts had to reach out multiple times to pause these ads because they were completely booked.

using  facebook lead forms with admachines

If you’re worried about the form not being right for your business, AdMachines has you covered. These types of forms can be customized to fit any vertical. We create the lead form with the right questions you need your customer to answer regarding their service, and once they submit it your business can reach out and close the deal. These leads are sent directly to your Facebook leads inbox, but this process can be streamlined with third-party apps like Zapier which can forward leads to a phone number. This type of workflow shortens the lag time between received leads and contacting the customer. 

At AdMachines, we're always looking for new ways, like Facebook Lead Forms, to generate more high-quality leads for our clients. Request a meeting with our team today to discover AdMachines and bring your lead generation to the next level.



Written by Admachines