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Low Country Contractors Doubles Performance In Less Than 60 Days With AdMachines

Aug 13, 2020 3:12:29 PM

Charleston home

Low Country Contractors is a residential remodeling company located in Charleston, South Carolina that specializes in roofing, siding, window replacement, and bathroom remodeling. When Low Country Contractors came to AdMachines, they had never run pay-per-click advertising before. This was a vote of confidence for our team since it requires a huge amount of trust from a business owner to take the plunge into a digital advertising partnership like this. We were extremely excited to work with the owner Jeremy and his team to bring in more leads and help grow his business. 


The Market

Charleston is an interesting place to run pay-per-click advertising for home remodeling because about 40% of the population lives out of state. They own vacation homes in Charleston but don’t live there full time. It was an exciting challenge for our team to develop ways to reach these homeowners without targeting other irrelevant out of state traffic. We successfully built out of state campaigns for the eastern seaboard to complement the in-state efforts for each department they chose to run Google Ads for.


Shifting Gears 

Low Country Contractors’ initial budget was to run advertising for just the residential siding department. This is a vertical with a long sales cycle that launched in the thick of Covid-19. There was a moderate amount of market activity for this service at the time, but we saw an opportunity to bring in more leads by expanding into roofing. We advised Jeremy to allocate some additional budget for roofing campaigns where we knew there were more opportunities. In order to accommodate an additional service, the budget was doubled after running for just a few weeks with AdMachines. This decision brought about a massive change in the account lead volume.

The roofing campaigns brought in so many leads that the company asked us to pause the campaigns after running for less than 2 months. We had completely booked out their roofing department and they couldn’t accept any more leads.

Porch in Charleston, South Carolina

New Opportunities

With the increased revenue from roofing leads and monthly budget available for investing, there was now an opportunity for Low Country Contractors to grow their pay-per-click reach. Jeremy chose to bring on a bathroom designer and expand his business into another remodeling vertical. With the available budget from roofing, our team was able to launch a fully optimized bathroom remodeling campaign in less than a week. This campaign serves not only Charleston and its surrounding suburbs, but it also serves out of state vacation homeowners who bring in a large portion of revenue. 


Making Success Simple With AdMachines

AdMachines is able to work with clients who have never launched a pay-per-click campaign, or those who have but aren’t satisfied with the results, and deliver high-quality leads. We make it easy to start on Google and see why it’s the most profitable, transparent digital advertising channel today. Low Country Contractors had never tried to run Google Ads before, but with the results they saw in those first 2 months, they chose to double the budget and immediately saw a return. This decision allowed them to bring on a new bathroom designer and expand their digital advertising reach. We look forward to working with Low Country Contractors and Jeremy to continue to increase their revenue and help them grow year over year.




Written by Admachines